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Q Do you provide meals?

A We don't provide any meals, but there are kitchenware, cutlery and dishes in the kitchen. Please use these items freely but there are no seasonings.

Q Can we stay beyond capacity?

A Please email or call.

Q What should we do when the number of people has changed?

A Please email or call as soon as possible. We provide designated number of bedding, so it might be difficult to set additional bedding on that day.

Q Can children stay?

A  You are requested to be accompanied by a guardian. There is no children's fare. If he or she uses bedding and towel, it is regarded as one person.

​Q Is there a discount for staying long term?

A It is possible depending on that timing. Basically, if you stay more than 2 days, we will offer discount. Please confirm each booking site in detail. We will change the bedding for more than 3 consecutive stay based on your request.

Q Can pet be accompanied?

A No accompanying pets except for a service dog.

Q Can we smoke in the building?

A No smoking in the building including the site.

Q Can we use parking lot?

A We offer three parking lots for free. Please email us beforehand if  you want to use parking lot.

Q Can we use rental bicycle?

A We don't have our rental bicycle, but there are public rental bicycle called "Machinori" and the nearest cycle port is in "Nishi Chaya Machi" , 3 minutes from the our building.

Q Can we use Wi-Fi?

A You can use Wi-Fi for free.

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