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Located in along the area of grandeur Saigawa river 

​Our building is located in the residential area where you go across the "Saigawa Bridge" and  just before the "Nishi Chayamachi". This area is very convenient place and it is good chance to experience real local life in Kanazawa.  There is a shrine called "Shinmeigu" and there is a biggest Japanese zelkova in Ishikawa prefecture, which is more than 1000 years old. It is popular for local people as they feel power and energy from the tree.


Michelin restaurants in Katamachi and Nishi Chayamachi area

Speaking of Kanazawa, Kenrokuen, Higashi Chayamachi, Omicho ichiba are very famous and most of the tourist for the first time visit in these areas. But the Saigawa river area is very calm and popular area for seasoned travelers and the people who want to enjoy meals and atmosphere in Kanazawa. Especially for food, there are 24 restaurants that obtained the stars in Toyama and Ishikawa prefectures and the 13 restaurants out of 24 are located in Katamachi and Nichi Chayamachi area. 

source: "taberogu"  restaurants the total ranking is more than 3.5.

The scenery of Saiwaga river and river terrace. 

The Saigawa river is called "Men's river" as it is grandeur and has large quantity of water. On the other hand, the Asanogawa river, which go through around "Higashi Chayamachi" is called "Women's river" as it has small quantity of water. As the Saigawa river is wide and open, you can enjoy jogging on pathway and look vaguely the scenery. Also it is very beautiful to see the scenery of cliff and green zone that were made by the river terrace.

Temple map.jpg

Find your favorite temple in Teramachi

There is an area called "Teramachi" which has more than 70 temples on the river terrace. You can feel special atmosphere of history and the most famous one is Myouryuji, the Ninjya Temple. It is interesting to walk and find your favorite temple in this area.

source: Kanazawa city

Enjoy steep slope and good scenery from high ground

The edge of the river terrace, which you can see panoramic view of the Saigawa river, is luxury residential area in Kanazawa for a very long time. This area is mostly occupied by temples, ryokans (hotels) and high-class restaurants. There are some stone step slopes and you can see panoramic view of Kanazawa city. Tourists seldom come to this area but it is good place to take a picture for your one piece of memory.


Tsujike Teien (Garden) 

You can see panoramic view of the Saigawa river from Tsujike Teien and it is the most typical river terrace spot. We strongly recommend this garden. The garden using height difference is about 6,600㎡, and there is a 5.5m-height of waterfall. This garden was made in from late 19 century to early 20 century by Yokoyama, a chief retainer of Kaga Domain at current monetary value of approximately 4 billion yen.  The business hour is 12:00-18:00 in summer (1 March-15 October) and 12:00-17:00 in winter (16 October-28 February), but it may be fully reserved for wedding, so please confirm in advance.  Regular holiday is Tuesday and Wednesday. The fee is 500 yen for visit only and 1,000 yen for visit with tea. For more detail, please see this web site.

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